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   Our goal is to provide the most intensive and comprehensive Permanent Makeup course around. Over our 3 day course (24 total hours) you will learn the proper techniques in applying permanent makeup, safety, and the care required to make you successful in this exciting field. By the end of this intensive course you will have completed a minimum of 6 procedures: 2 sets of eyebrows, 2 eyeliners, and 2 lip procedures. We offer classes in both English and Spanish!

Course Overview:

Pre-Class: Once enrolled, students will be given training materials and DVDs to review and prepare for the first day of the course.

First Day: A readiness test will be given to assess the basic understanding of the course materials, and to help determine the best way to train each individual student. Students are instructed on safety and sanitation as well as the theory lessons required for Permanent Makeup. Students will then begin practicing and honing their skills using multiple techniques. Manual and Machine methods are learned, and the proper way to apply each area (eyebrows, eyeliner - upper and lower, lips/lip-liner) is taught and practiced.

Second Day: Students will begin working on live models provided by Eternal Radiance, and continue to perfect their skills under direct supervision of our highly skilled instructors. 

Third Day: Students will continue working with live models under direct supervision to complete the minimum required 6 procedures.

What will I learn?:

Introduction to Permanent Makeup: Learn about the history, benefits of, and its many applications.

Sanitation & Disinfection: Learn about standard precautions, OSHA requirements, cross-contamination, all appropriate procedures, methods and techniques.

Facial Morphology & Makeup Application: Learn how to identify facial shapes and the characteristics of each feature. Acquire the knowledge to create the ideal and appropriate shape and placement of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip-liner.

Anatomy of the Eye: Learn about the anatomy of the eye, eyelids, and the areas that are safe for tattooing and those that are not, and why. Learn safe tattooing techniques that enhance and flatter the shape of each individual's eyes.

Skin & Skin Disorders: Learn where and how pigment is placed into the skin. Learn about disorders, scar tissue, textures and tones, aging, elasticity, and how all these factors affect results.

Extensive Color Theory: Color theory made easy! Learn how to apply color with confidence using our tried and true formulas. Learn how intradermal color behaves in permanent makeup compared to body art tattooing. Learn how to alter and correct color, since there are many clients with existing permanent makeup the require correcting or adjustment.

Client Treatment: Learn how to evaluate and perform a thorough consultation. Live models are scheduled so students can observe the instructor during the initial consultation. Identifying areas that require medical clearance prior to tattooing. Application of cosmetic rules regarding shape and color for the client are shown as well as evaluating the client's expectations of the procedure(s).

Client Management: Learn the importance of consultation, communication skills, ethics, health history and identifying personality problems, and how to handle unrealistic expectations. The power of "NO!"

Hands-on Exercises & Demonstrations: Observe and perform eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip liner procedures. Learn about the appropriate selection of pigment colors and the use of (OTC) topical anesthetics for client comfort. Other exercises include: observance of the instructor's techniques and form while doing procedures, proper positioning of the technician's body and correct use of machine for a safe and stable application.

Pre/Post Treatment: Learn about instructing clients on how to prepare for their procedures as well as how to care for them. Proper instructions promote the best color retention.

Equipment & Supplies: Learn about the appropriate selection of needle clusters for various effects. Learn to determine how to select the speed and depth of equipment. Learn about pigments and their ingredients.

Cost of the Course/Tuition:

   The total cost of Eternal Radiance's 3 day course is just $3,000! For this small investment of time and money, you can begin an exciting and lucrative career in the Permanent Makeup field.

The following is included with the cost of your tuition:

  • American Red Cross Blood-borne Pathogens Certification
  • Application for Washington State License for Permanent Makeup
  • Study materials and DVDs
  • Practice materials (mannequin face, eyebrow sheet, eyeliner sheet, lips sheet)
  • Rotary machine
  • Selection of color pigments to get started
  • A Quality Education and Training in Permanent Makeup
  • And more...


* It is the Student's responsibility to contact all of the state and local board of health agencies regarding the rules and regulations for practicing permanent cosmetics in their area. 


We offer classes in both English and Spanish! 

For more information send us an email: info@eternal-radiance.net or call us: (360) 693-8314

For enrollment information and to get started with your education, send us an email: admissions@eternal-radiance.net or call us at: (360) 693-8314