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Why choose a career in Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Cosmetic Professionals are in demand!

   The sky's the limit with this exciting and lucrative career. You will have opportunities to work in many different environments. Eternal Radiance's graduates will launch their careers in salons, spas, tattoo shops, medical practices, on in their own free-standing permanent makeup studio.


Increased demand for Procedures

   Women are busy! Who wouldn't want to wake up knowing that their makeup is already on, and they have one less thing to do in the morning? Time to face the day with confidence and flawless makeup.


How much can I earn?

  The table below is just an example of the income you can earn being a Permanent Cosmetic Professional.

Fee per
Procedures per week
   1  2  4  6  10
 $350  $18,200   $36,400   $72,800   $109,200   $182,000 
 $450  $23,400   $46,800   $93,600   $140,400   $243,000 
 $550  $28,600   $57,200   $114,400   $171,600   $286,600 
 $650  $33,800   $67,600   $135,200   $202,800   $338,000 


* Figures in the above table are an example only, and not a guarantee of annual income or work


   Start an exciting career in Permanent Makeup today! Contact us for more information: info@eternal-radiance.net or call: (360) 693-8314